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Guy with Glasses design has a unique story to tell. John Devanski, the owner, prides himself on his abilities as a strategic thinker willing to do the hard work necessary to build great design based on "Big Ideas." My copy drove home that point and other key benefits to working with GWG. "Strumming recurrent copy chords" throughout the site keeps the messaging alive with an easy to read, self-deprecating approach.  


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Guy With Glasses

Think. Solve. Design.

Freelance Graphic Design Based on a Unique Concept – Thinking.

The IPhone. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Hula Hoop. Each began as an inspiration; all came to life and succeeded because that inspiration, through insightful thinking, unfolded into a design that solved a problem (yes, even the Hula Hoop solved a problem). It’s the same in graphic design. Whether you need print design or web site design, it will only succeed with a big idea that positions your product or service uniquely and solves a marketing problem. That’s why you should get to know me, John Devanski – the Guy With Glasses.

Solutions-Oriented Graphic Design

Guy With Glasses was founded with a vision of providing my clients with a thought-based, marketing-focused and solutions-oriented approach to graphic design. Bad news: in the 22 years since I went into business my eye glass prescription hasn’t improved. Good news: my vision and insights into thinking and solving problems is more focused all the time (and my glasses are much more stylish than in 1990).

Too many designers these days think their role is to graft together pleasing visuals into an “attractive design.” But I believe effective design begins with more serious stuff — the tough (but satisfying) work that needs to be done before the visualization of ideas comes to life. I take an interest in what many designers don’t even look at: your business, your market segment or industry, your competition, market conditions, sales reports and other data (I like to balance my checkbook too). I ask questions, learn what problems keep you awake at night and present you with solutions. I never forget that graphic design is a communications tool essential to the success of your business or organization.

Graphic Design That Makes You Look Good

Reebok. Lotus. IBM. These are some of the clients that counted on me when it was all on the line. With over 20 years of experience, I have handled scores of complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions. My clients have learned to love the way I anticipate and avoid problems that blow budgets and schedules (and get them in trouble with their bosses). Want to see the creativity that is the result of strong thinking and problem solving? Check out my portfolio, it speaks for itself.

Look Up Guy With Glasses for a range of web and print design:

  • website design
  • website development
  • html email design
  • brochure design
  • annual report design
  • packaging design
  • publication design / magazine design
  • print advertising design
  • direct marketing design
  • trade show display design
  • illustration
  • logo design / identity design

Think. Solve. Design. I’m Your Go To Guy.

See the rest of my website, browse my portfolio, and take a look at the clients who've trusted Guy With Glasses. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Contact Guy With Glasses.

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A Freelance Graphic Designer with Big Thinking Even When He was Little

I got an early start in Graphic Design. I began doing art at age one (peanut butter and jelly wall murals). In first grade, while my classmates were thinking about creative ways to annoy teachers, I was thinking of creative visual solutions and put my talents to work winning the school poster contest. While legend has it that the prize was my first pair of glasses (seen in the photo), my real reward was seeing my creative thinking and artistic talent recognized. This was my impetus for deciding at age 13 to become a graphic artist and to begin working as a freelance graphic designer for an ad agency at age 19. I started my own design firm at age 22 (21 years ago, my business is old enough to drink now!)

Effective Graphic Design Doesn’t Come Easy

The Tyler School of Art at Temple University is where I earned my BFA, (interestingly it’s also where my classmates were still trying to think of creative ways to annoy their teachers). At Tyler we were taught to avoid the expected ways of communication in graphic design. That meant having my work pushed back at me by professors with the command “DO OVER!” until I understood that strong and effective graphic design does not come easy. Those lessons are now reflected in my work and in the way I interact with my clients; I’m always ready to say “yes” to requests, keep on pushing and work harder to make my clients happy and the work the best it can be.

Print Design & Web Design Derived from Big Thinking, Not Stock Solutions.

Thankfully my medium has progressed from peanut butter and jelly and poster paints. Now one of the ways I display my creativity and resourcefulness is as an accomplished illustrator. That means my creative concepts aren’t limited to the easy solutions of stock images — I’m a stickler for making sure the visual derives from the thinking and solves your goals and challenges. You get the best ideas to communicate the message. I’ve also progressed in the mediums I design in, working with expert skill in:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Quark
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal CMS

Graphic Design Studio Conveniently Located in Central Massachusetts

It all comes together at the Guy With Glasses graphic design studio in a renovated farmhouse in Ware, MA. Sometimes you might find me on a break out in back of the studio splitting wood or feeding my chickens — I find it a perfect way to focus my mind on a great solution. Since 1990 Guy With Glasses has the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients. Many of them have been with me for years and I intend to continue doing the effective thinking and problem solving based design to keep them with me for years to come.

Think. Solve. Design. I’m Your Go To Guy.

See the rest of my website, browse my portfolio, and take a look at the clients who've trusted Guy With Glasses. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Contact Guy With Glasses.

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A Graphic Artist Without the Artist’s Ego

My clients (who I thank for not calling me “Four Eyes”) range from large organizations and corporations to small and mid-sized firms. They include companies in the consumer goods, manufacturing, hi-tech, and business-to-business marketplaces. I’m experienced working with non-profits, colleges, hospitals and advertising/marketing firms as well. 

Here are some of the companies and organizations I’ve done work for:

  • Reebok International, Ltd.
  • Lotus Development Corporation
  • IBM
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Springfield College
  • Eastern States Exposition/The Big E
  • Westfield State University
  • Western New England University
  • Lego Group
  • Jewish Geriatric Services, Inc.
  • Van Leer Metallized Papers
  • Spalding Sports Worldwide
  • Children's Museum at Holyoke
  • Datawatch Corporation
  • Open Pantry of Greater Springfield
  • Quabbin Wire & Cable Co.
  • Baystate Medical Center
  • Holocaust Center of Western Mass.
  • Franklin Medical Center
  • Edgewater Marketing
  • Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.
  • Somat Company
  • Consultants' Summit
  • Joseph's Gourmet Pasta & Sauce
  • Tuscan Kitchen
  • Northern Wind
  • Nordic Group, Inc.
  • Good Wives Hors D'oeuvres
  • Mar-Lees Seafood, Inc.
  • Tibersoft

Clients value me for my thinking, problem-solving, creative skills and experience. They also like me because I’m dependable and save them money with fair pricing and my ability to use my experience to keep projects within budgets. Mostly they like that I don’t let my ego get in the way of doing what’s best for them.

Graphic Designer with an Eye for Detail

Attention to detail is a key for Guy With Glasses – some clients think I’m wearing magnifying glasses because I keep such a careful eye on things. I’m always pushing to make projects better, ensuring files are properly prepped for printing, getting on writers about typos, fine-tuning creative concepts, and keeping to schedules.

The result of all this is that I’m easy to work with: because I learned that my real job is to make my client’s job easier. Think. Solve. Design. These are the foundations on which I’ve built my approach to communicating my clients’ messages uniquely and effectively. It all pays off when I see your goals being met, your brand being built, your product or service selling, or prospects responding to your message.

Think. Solve. Design. I’m Your Go To Guy.

See the rest of Guy With Glasses website, learn more about me and browse my portfolio. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Contact Guy With Glasses.

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Print & Web Design Portfolio Based on Big Ideas

“Think. Solve. Design.” is the consistent thread in the Guy With Glasses portfolio. I research, ask questions, study competition and markets. The result is smart design that is much more than other designers' “pretty picture” approach. It’s “Big Idea” creativity coupled with marketing solutions. Clients have learned to trust my 20 years experience and technical expertise in both print and web design. It’s saved their budgets (and jobs) by anticipating problems before they begin. That’s why I’m their “go-to guy” for graphic design; this portfolio is the proof.

Web Design & Development: Trust & Experience Are Key

Web sites are expensive and a huge part of marketing budgets. Having a trusted, experienced designer to create the look and feel of the site and an experienced developer to build the site is essential. At Guy With Glasses you get both in one guy – designer/developer John Devanski. This means custom web sites, not web templates and off the shelf solutions. My design creativity makes clients applaud. My technical development savvy, organizational skills and attention to detail keeps them sleeping soundly (no worries about broken sites and blown-up budgets).

Brochures and Annual Reports Graphic Design: Getting Noticed In The Crowd

My work is highly readable and expresses messaging in strong visual “language.” I subject my brochure and annual report work to the “table test,” ensuring your design is the most interesting on a table covered with other work. I try to find out what your competitors work looks like so I can take your piece to a higher level and make it jump off that table! When budgets are important (When aren’t they?) – I save you headaches with a 20-year career’s worth of print experience. It’s about anticipating problems before they ever happen. I also know that good strong ideas are not dependent on spending huge dollars or fancy printing processes.

Publication Design: On Highly Visible Projects Experience Counts

Projects of this scope are not a place for “learning on the job.” Guy With Glasses offers years of publication design experience and creativity. I am comfortable and competent with the high level of detail, ability to schedule and budgeting skills essential to success on these highly visible pieces. These big important projects demand complete trust in your designer. I have earned that trust on design projects such as a book commemorating Springfield College’s 125th anniversary and other important publications for institutions and corporations. My clients have grown to trust me implicitly with these publications — you can too.

Packaging / Point of Sale Design: Catch Eyes. Hit Hot Buttons.

Catching the eye of the customer in extremely busy marketplaces is the key to effective packaging and point of sale materials. Many times packaging must appeal to customers at two levels – first, attracting the retail buyer bombarded with products competing for shelf space; second, selling to the end-user/consumer overwhelmed with an avalanche of goods in-store. Great packaging design must hit the hot buttons of these very different audiences. Through the astute use of color (for food packaging in particular), exciting visuals and a keen understanding of the sales environment, Guy With Glasses packaging has found its way into thousands of shopping carts.

Print Ads / Direct Mail Design: Focusing On Marketing Messages

Strong print ads and direct mail rely on the “Think. Solve. Design” strategy. It’s my formula for creating Big Ideas and marketing messages that grab your target’s attention in very challenging environments. Another way I build more effective print ad and direct mail concepts is collaborating with writers to blend the best of visual and verbal communication. An innovative way to extend the “long-tail” of messaging and to add synergy to ads and direct mail is with landing pages and QR codes. Ask me about utilizing these vehicles in print ads and direct mail to keep customers engaged and to fulfill their need for more information.

Posters / Trade Show Display Design: Keep It Simple. Make It Fast.

Simple. Fast. Powerful. It’s the key to effective posters and trade show display design. Communicating at a distance and standing out in crowded, fast-paced environments are challenges that Guy With Glasses meets with potent creative visual solutions based on well-researched marketing insights. And I never settle for “the expected.” This is no place for designers who think “pretty pictures” are the answer. I dive deep to understand your business, market segment, customers, competition and other important data. This is essential to giving your poster and trade show messages the simplicity and power they need to communicate quickly and speak to your audience in language they understand.

Illustration: Imagination Not Stock Answers

My experience and talents as a photo illustrator expand my conceptual abilities. This is a case where doing things “the way they used to,” (when designers conceptualized rather than pointed and clicked), definitely has its advantages. Guy With Glasses designs are not constrained by what is available on the stock photo sites. I create custom images with imaginative visual concepts that know no bounds. My goal is to come up with fresh visual ideas that solve your marketing problem and communicate the message in a unique way. An example is the photo illustration I created for the Somat brochure seen in this section.

Logos / Identity / Branding Graphic Design: Making it Work in Print & Electronic Media

Creating a great logo is foundational to branding. It must be unique, memorable, define your brand personality, and (this is important) easily reproduce in all media. This is where Guy With Glasses’ long experience in both print and electronic media comes into play – I know what will work and not work with your logo design reproduction and can anticipate possible problems early in the process. The Guy With Glasses “Think. Solve. Design.” formula is vital to an effective logo. My structured creative design approach informs the creative process resulting in work that truly positions your product or service precisely and uniquely in the marketplace.

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Searching for a Freelance Graphic Designer Who Can Make Your Job Easier?

Need a freelance graphic designer for print or web design who brings powerful thinking and problem-solving skills to your business or organization? A graphic designer with the experience to take on the most complex design projects with intricate processes and/or technical executions when it’s all on the line? Do you need to stay on schedule and budget? Do you want creativity resulting from strong thinking and problem solving?

Stop searching. You’ve found who you’re looking for — Guy With Glasses.

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Contact Guy With Glasses for freelance graphic design. See the rest of my website. Browse my portfolio. Take a look at the clients who've trusted Guy With Glasses. Want to learn more or schedule a portfolio interview? Even if you don’t have a project for me to bid on I’d love to talk with you or meet with you. Call 413-277-9900, email or use the handy form below to get in touch.



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