CHN TV Copywriting

CHN wanted to position itself as the healthcare plan consumers could depend on and turn to for great coverage. This "period piece" TV spot utilized a nostalgic "1950’s" storyline appealing to the baby boom target audience to reinforce that message.


CHN :30 TV script

(Kid looking for baseball glove)

VO: Remember when you really needed something?

(continues searching under bed)

VO: And you always knew who to turn to...

(Kid yells)

Kid: Mom!!!!

SFX: Honk

MOM: The game is starting!

VO: Wouldn't it be nice to find a comprehensive health plan that dependable?

(Kid searching closet)

Kid: (Sighs) Oh brother......

VO: There is a health plan that can do just that....

Kid: Mom! Where is it????

Mom: Under your pillow????

VO: Constitution Health Network.

Kid: (Gasps happily) Yeah!!!

VO: Here today. CHN.

(Kid with mom)

Kid: Thanks mom.

(Super over)

VO: Better Coverage. Depend On It. 

SFX: Kids cheering.




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