“Waiting” – Vassar Brothers Medical Center Radio Ad Copywriting

This spot was highly successful. Traffic increased in the Fast-Track Walk-In Center to the point that the advertising had to be stopped.



Vassar Brothers Hospital :60 radio:


Waiting, seems like forever,

Waiting, I don't know whether, you're coming back wonder will you still care for me.....


When you have a minor emergency, waiting in an emergency room can be a real pain, 

that's why you need Fast-Track Walk-In Center at Vassar Brothers Hospital. For minor ailments like the flu, a cut or a sprain

we'll care for you promptly and courteously and have you on your way in an hour or less.....no waiting. You'll also

have peace of mind knowing Vassar Brothers technology and staff are there if you need them.

If emergency room waiting is giving you the blues, Fast Track Walk-In Center will have you singing a different tune.

Fast-Track Walk-In Center at Vassar Brothers Hospital, no appointment, no waiting.....

SINGERS: No waiting, no waiting, no waiting......


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