“Scary Isn't It” – YMCA of Greater New Haven Radio Spot Copywriting

I had some fun with a YMCA Halloween membership promotion by getting the listener to think about "what a summer can do to your body." The spot makes the best use of the medium with excellent voice work and creative sound effects.



YMCA of Greater New haven :60 radio:

ANNCR: Scary isn't it what a summer can do to your body?

What's that lurking around your waist?

What are those masquerading as thighs?

Remember when those poor limp biceps were alive and well?

End the horror!

Join the YMCA of Greater New Haven. October is membership month so you can get 20% off and get 100% more than health clubs offer.

Lose that incredible bulk in swimming pools and  racket ball courts. Bring ....dead muscles back to life with Nautilus, Aeroflex and exercise programs.

Rest in peaceful saunas and steam rooms - HA, HA, HA .....

To join, call the New Haven, Milford or Hamden branches, membership is only $184 through November 1st.

The YMCA of Great New Haven...

Isn't it time to end the horror? HA, HA, HA, HA

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