Freelance Copywriting:Radio, TV and Video

The work seen and heard here, particularly the radio, embodies the difference between print and broadcast copywriting. The necessity of using the medium to its fullest extent means creating mental pictures in a non-visual medium (radio) and using the visuals (in TV and video) to tell the story — what you show is more important than what you say. 

BIC Flamedisk Sales Video Script Copywriting

Gregor & Co. wrote this video script for BIC to help them sell their new Flamedisk product in to retail stores.

St. Vincent's Medical Center Educational Video Script Copywriting

Meet "Boris Bacterium," an animated puppet who brings the very serious subject of IV catheter-related bloodstream infections to life in this educational video targeted to a hospital nursing staff.  

“Hallelujah” – Carefree Gum Radio Ad Copywriting

Imagine enlisting the "Hallelujah Chorus" to get a message across? That's just what this spot did, utilizing the inherent "visual" power of the radio medium. 

The University of Hartford Radio Copywriting

"The World Out There Begins Here" was the positioning line I wrote for the University of Hartford, it was executed in this testimonial-style radio spot.

CHN TV Copywriting

This period piece TV spot utilized a nostalgic 1950’s style set and storyline to appeal to a baby boomer target audience. This spot and rest of the campaign (print, radio, outdoor, collateral) reinforced the message of "dependability" for Constitution Health Network, an HMO

“Waiting” – Vassar Brothers Medical Center Radio Ad Copywriting

Using an unconventional approach to hospital advertising, this spot featured an original music track to promote Vassar Brothers Hospital's Fast Track Walk-In Center as an alternative to "waiting" in an emergency room.

“Scary Isn't It” – YMCA of Greater New Haven Radio Spot Copywriting

"Scary Isn't It?" - a radio spot for the YMCA of Great New Haven won a "Best of Broadcast in New England" award from the New England Broadcasting Association (NEBA). 

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