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I wrote this print ad promoting Somat Company's shredding and pulping machinery that aids in the composting of food waste. Somat Company has a great story to tell institutional food service operations about its innovative solutions to waste disposal. This ad worked in synergy with the Somat web site and Somat capabilities brochure. Developed with Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA.


Mother Nature's Little Helpers.

Before You Compost It – Somat It .

Make Somat part of your environmentally and fiscally sound composting program. Somat pulpers and shredders reduce compostable waste by 80%, helping you facilitate the composting process. 

Put Composting on Fast Forward. 

Pulped or shredded waste degrades faster than non-processed waste. Somat removes most of the water from waste for a healthier composting process, further improving your facility’s environmental effort. Somat Pulping Systems work in most institutional settings. The ecoSHRED® Shredder fits nicely into total disposable operations, providing the same waste reduction as the Somat pulper with significantly less water and energy usage.

Go Green. Save Green.

Somat saves you money too. Pulped or shredded compostable waste is less expensive to haul and preferred by most commercial composters. Less bulk also means fewer trips to the composting facility, reducing your transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Somat: Your Partners in Composting.

Ready to give Mother Nature a helping hand? See how Somat can make your on site or off site composting scenarios faster, more efficient and more
cost effective.


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