Siemens Transportation Systems Print Ad Campaign Copywriting

Gregor & Co. wrote this capabilities print ad campaign for Siemens Transportation Systems. The ads were targeted to metropolitan transit systems looking to upgrade their electrification, rail automation, and rolling stock. 


Ad #1

THINKING Outside the Lines

Bold Ideas
in Electrification Systems

Need to implement electrification solutions from a single source? Siemens Transportation Systems provides complete electrification solutions today that will still pay off tomorrow. We create more reliable and environmentally friendly transportation across the US. 

•Developing, supplying and installing electrification systems
•Introducing technology to convert braking energy into stored electrical current
•Creating global solutions at the local level
•Providing day in, day out reliability and availability

Find out how Siemens “outside the lines” thinking supplies substations and static frequency converters for nearly 80% of the power on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and traction substations and OCS lines in over a dozen cities.

Ad # 2

MultiTrack MINDS

Smarter approaches to safe Rail Automation

Want seamless and expandable rail automation solutions to decrease headways and create a more reliable system that can carry more people safely? Look to Siemens Transportation Systems – the industry leader for innovative information systems, signaling, networking, sensor and communications technology.
Siemens has put its expertise to work for major metropolitan transit systems with key technology improvement projects:

•Supplying 1/3 of New York City’s subway system with automatic train supervision in phase onof on-going upgrades to the system

•Providing information and emergency response to commuters in real-time

•Implementing a new broadband, high capacity,high-speed Metropolitan Area Network

•Transitioning systems from fixed block to moving block technology

Find out how Siemens multi-track thinking can work for you.

Ad # 3

Trains of THOUGHT

Intelligent Rolling Stock designed to meet your needs

Who do you look to for customized rolling stock solutions? Siemens Transportation Systems, the industry leader for innovative design concepts
is a good place to start.

We can offer:
•Sleek, innovative, user-friendly designs
•A proven record of light rail successes
•Capabilities for upgrading existing vehicles

Discover how our unique thought processes have made Siemens the supplier of 1 in 3 light rail vehicles in the U.S.


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