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The use of a quirky call-to-action headline in concert with an exciting or unsual visual gets reader attention and makes phones ring and fills email boxes. This ad is a prime example of a great writer/graphic designer collaboration. Done at the Douglas Group, Avon, CT with Mike Ostro, Ostro Design, Easton, CT.


This Summer Stimulate Your Brain Waves.

This summer why not stimulate your brain waves at Quinnipiac College's Summer Sessions '87. It's an opportunity to surge ahead of schedule on undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Or, begin course work on a new degree program. Maybe even take a course to stir up the brain waves and have some fun.

At Quinnipiac's Summer Sessions '87 you have your choice of day or evening classes from our Schools of Business, Liberal Arts and Allied Health and Natural Sciences. All courses are held in air-conditioned classrooms on our suburban campus. There is still plenty of time to enroll in our second session which begins July 8th and runs through August 6th.

This summer the best waves are here - brain waves at Quinnipiac College's Summer Sessions '87.

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