Freelance Copywriting:Packaging, Point of Sale
Posters and Outdoor

This category is wide-ranging, but successful copywriting for packaging, point of sale materials, posters, and outdoor has one thing in common — selling and telling a story quickly. It must be a tour de force succinct enough to capture the attention of a passenger in a speeding car or a shopper running through the store aisles. 

Baronet Coffee Packaging Copywriting

Gregor & Co. wrote packaging copy for Baronet Coffee capturing the family tradition and history of this 75 year-old coffee company. The copy was also used on posters and other POS materials.

"Quit Smoking" Poster Copywriting

This poster was part of an internal campaign by GE to convince employees to "Join the Resolution" and quit smoking for better health.

Rehabilitation Center Outdoor Advertising Copywriting

Hip or knee surgery? This outdoor board's tongue-in-cheek headline attempted to reach recent surgery patients needing rehab.

Urology Practice Outdoor Advertising Copywriting

Humorous copy works. Even in urology. Gregor & Co. headline for this outdoor board focused on a urology practice's benefit of having several locations

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