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EDR, a supplier of environmental data to banks, lending institutions and other businesses and organizations wanted to promote a new product package with enhanced data offerings. The headline - "Oomphormation" quickly defines the benefit of getting huge amounts of data and positions EDR in the prospects’ minds. Done in collaboration with CORE, Meriden, CT.


EDR Direct Mail brochure copywriting:


In today’s demanding environmental site assessment market, fast, accurate and high quality information is the name of the game. That’s why you need more than your basic information; you need OOMPHORMATION! In our ongoing effort to help you complete your projects more efficiently, EDR has turbocharged our reports and launched the most significant improvements to our core products in over a decade.

Environmental Database Upgrade

EDR’s entire product line of government database products has undergone significant upgrades in order to increase your productivity. Most notable are major improvements to the report’s basemap, an updated and more detailed topographic layer, and an updated water well database. This greater level of mapping and reporting accuracy will decrease the expense and effort it takes to complete any environmental due diligence project. Read on for details about the specific enhancements to these EDR products.

EDR New Data, Enhancements, Functions

New Data

Elevation Graph ­ Provides an elevation profile of the topography surrounding the property. This unique graph provides both an eye-level and birds-eye view, allowing for better analysis of possible contaminant migration.

Actual Elevation Levels ­ The text of all radius reports will now include elevations in feet, in addition to the existing higher or lower relative elevation statement.

State Radon Data ­ For enhanced analysis in areas with radon concerns, we now include data from 22 new states (visit our website for complete list).

Electrical Power Lines ­ For a significant increase in coverage and detail, EDR now lists 99% of all 230 kV and greater power lines as well as power line voltage.

Department of Defense Sites (DOD) ­ We added approximately 920 DOD sites from the USGS Federal Lands databases. These sites are displayed as polygons for greater accuracy ­ so now you can analyze the entire area of impact.

Airports ­ An improved database includes small airports and heliports to total over 20,000 airports.


Digital Elevation Model (DEM) ­ EDR has upgraded to an improved DEM that offers the same scale and contour intervals as USGS 7.5 minute quad maps. This enhancement provides a higher level of accuracy in assessing the likelihood of contaminant migration as a result of topography. This improvement saves the time and expense of obtaining separate USGS 7.5 minute topo maps.

EDR’s Dynamap® Upgrade ­ By transitioning to an improved base map containing more streets and street segments, EDR has improved the accuracy of site plotting and reduced the number of unplotted sites nationwide.

USGS Federal Water Well Update ­ For a more thorough review of water wells, we’ve doubled the size of our national database to more than 1,370,000 wells.

Brownfields Database ­ For those doing Brownfields work, new information lists sites from three new datasets identifying Brownfields designated areas, voluntary cleanup sites (VCP’s), and restrictions on development (Institutional Controls).

Wetlands Data ­ Wetlands coverage is increased significantly with over 3,500 new NWI quad sheets digitized and added to EDR reports to reduce research time.

Sensitive Receptor Data Update ­ To make your reports more comprehensive, we’ve enhanced the coverage of sensitive sites (daycares, schools, hospitals, etc.) by over 46,000.

New Functionalities

RTF Deliverable ­ We’ve added higher, lower and actual elevations to the file for flexible presentation of report data. Now you can copy and paste data into your Phase I report template to reduce writing and assembly time. You also now have the option to add your own commentary to this Microsoft® Word file.

DBF Deliverable ­ Cut, paste, and sort our information as you wish and present the data the way you need to. Address, city, state and zip are separated into individual columns within a Microsoft® Excel file for more efficient processing of reports.

Bookmarks ­ Simultaneously review the map with an individual site name, address, and database. The interactive PDF allows you to click the bookmark for additional detail.

Hyperlinks ­ Use this new interactive PDF feature to hyperlink from a site name in the Executive Summary to that site’s detail to reduce report review time.

Site Report Links ­ For all orphan sites, you now get even faster access to the detail on any site without having to call EDR.

Call To Action: Get All the OOMPHORMATION You Need

Get the comprehensive, accurate environmental information you need. To learn more about these new data sets, enhancements and functions or to obtain samples, go to our website www.edrnet.com. Or call us at 800-352-0050 to speak to a one of our professional Account Executives.

Sidebar: EDR: Environmental Information Is Power

Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR) is a national provider of environmental risk information. The company offers current and historical environmental risk management information, an Environmental Site Assessment market newsletter, training workshops, and state-of-the-art online services including interactive mapping.

EDR’s 2003 Value Enhancement. Think of it as environmental data on steroids

Get More OOMPH from Your Environmental Data Reports and Packages.

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