Somat Capabilities Brochure Copywriting

This capabilities brochure's messaging goal wasSomat is the solution for any college, hospital or other large institution to dispose of compostable materials efficiently, economically and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Gregor & Co. participated in the strategic positioning phase of this project and wrote all copy. Done in collaboration with Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA.


Somat: Go Green. Save Green.
Environmentally, the importance of reducing your carbon footprint has never been more urgent. Using too much fuel to haul waste, the overuse of landfills, the overburdening of sewer systems and the use of too much precious water on waste disposal are green concerns that cannot be overlooked. Financially, the costs of waste disposal including labor, hauling, and utilities are rising at an alarming rate. How can organizations avoid rising costs and also be a part of the environmental solution? Look to Somat. We have green solutions to your waste management challenges. You can utilize our innovative technology to take responsibility by reducing and handling waste on-site in an environmentally sound manner through less landfill use and composting. And by going green, you’ll save green too. Somat products can make a composting scenario, whether on-site or off-site, efficient and cost-effective. Where composting is not an option, our pulping systems alone can reduce your waste volume for better waste disposal efficiency.

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