Philips Medical Asset Tracking Capabilities Brochure Copywriting

Copywriting for this Philips Medical Systems brochure promoted Philips' asset tracking systems. Asset tracking allows hospitals to prevent loss, theft and hoarding of equipment using Philips’ Wi-Fi enabled wireless tags in tandem with existing software and infrastructure.


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Locate. Track. Optimize.

An Unblinking Eye of Efficiency

The complexities and pressures in today’s hospital environments are staggering. How do administrators and managers solve rising costs, Medicare cutbacks, changing reimbursement models, and staff shortages?  At the same time how do you take on the challenges of the ever-increasing emphasis on producing results more efficiently while maintaining high levels of quality?

The answer is a smarter approach to managing and overcoming these challenges. Speed, enabling technologies, efficient processes, and effective feedback loops are essential - the answer is Philips asset tracking solution.

Philips can solve your equipment loss, theft, and hoarding problems, but it is more than just finding equipment.  Philips asset tracking offers a proven return on your investment by tracking your hospital’s “vital signs” with enabling technology. SmartTrack creates feedback to improve processes and empower you to take on daunting challenges.

Using Wi-Fi enabled wireless tags, Philips asset tracking wirelessly tracks mobile devices and people throughout the hospital or clinic in near real time. Philip’s SmartTrack runs on 802.11 infrastructure, helping you to utilize technology already in place.  This means less installation disruptions for staff, less infrastructure to support and work with, and greater leverage of a technology that can be utilized for numerous benefits.

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