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Hobson & Motzer, with over 100 years in the precision stamping, tooling and die industry wanted to market its superior engineering and problem solving capabilities to differentiate itself from the competition. This brochure with the positioning line "Zero Tolerance for Failure," focused on the kinds of capabilities that customers get from Hobson & Motzer, but can’t get from the competition.


"I’ve got zero tolerance for companies whose first instinct is to tell me what they can’t do."

Failure. It is a word too many companies and too many people have learned to live with. Not here. Hobson & Motzer views every tooling and metal stamping project as an opportunity to excel by performing casual miracles and just possibly doing a job the way it has never been done before. For over 80 years we have continually raised the standards of precision in our industry and done the work others could not or would not attempt. Quite simply, Hobson & Motzer is where other companies’ failures meet success. Hobson & Motzer. Zero Tolerance for Failure.

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"Nothing infuriates me more than a company who is QS certified but doesn’t even bother to follow their own quality protocol."
More Than Just Stamping - Quality Control

Many companies can make dies and parts that match blueprints. Few can manage detailed quality systems to produce consistently superior components. What differentiates Hobson & Motzer from the competition is our Quality System. With QS 9000 and ISO 9001 credentials, we establish a rigorous quality plan for every job. From competing for your contract all the way to shipping the finished order, every part must pass our 20 Step Quality System. It is what gives our customer the peace of mind that their project is being looked after as if they were here themselves.
Hobson & Motzer uses various quality processes to monitor production from delivery of raw materials right through the manufacturing process. All vital data is collected reviewed, and archived. The process includes keeping painstakingly detailed records and conducting frequent audits. In-process and final inspections for every part are archived in detailed job booklets. We have a digital microscope capable of capturing the intricate details of your part, storing images, recreating them as color prints and transmitting them by e-mail.
To maintain complete control over lot integrity we assign sequential lot numbers to any purchased material. Hobson & Motzer has also established a unique retain system that saves a sample of every part and documents the material lot numbers so they may be traced. This invaluable system helps to search past materials and to maintain a historical database on your components. To get your job done right and on time without delays and breakdowns we created our Quality System, based on building quality in, not inspecting it in.

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I’m tired of stampers who look at the print and don’t ask questions about the applications. Whatever happened to innovative engineering?

Pick Our Brains - Engineering
Intricacy and the capability to do things that are considered undoable is what our work at Hobson & Motzer is all about. That capability is based largely on an ability to partner our conceptual engineering expertise with your critical requirements.
Our multi-disciplined engineering and design team looks at each part as a critical component of a bigger application that must be completed by a particular time with precision quality to make your product work. They understand the specific application, and will meet with you at the design stage to ask questions and gain insights that will prevent future problems.
Our engineering team consults with customers to get as much input as they can. We will review your designs, ask questions about dimensions and tolerances of applications, analyze the materials, anticipate potential manufacturing problems, and even propose alternative designs. Our goal is to use our experience to help customers achieve the highest quality component, cost effectively. The time we invest on up front innovative thinking pays dividends downstream.

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"It's the old story, a tool fails and my line goes down. Did anyone ever hear of spare tool inserts?"
Master Craftsmen. Master Thinkers - Tool & Die Making

Tool and die making is in our blood. When we started in business over 80 years ago it was Hobson & Motzer’s only business. That old-fashioned attention to detail and precision translates into dependable high quality tools that go above and beyond your expectations. Today our tool making team supports not only the stringent requirements of our in-house demands, but also supplies quality critical tooling to regional manufacturers who need the highest precision components.
Skilled craftsmen, superior equipment, and cutting edge thinking separate Hobson & Motzer from the competition. The latest CNC milling equipment, optical contour grinders, computer-controlled traveling wire EDM, and CNC machining centers run by toolmakers with 400 years combined experience assure rigid technical standards.
Hobson & Motzer understands the implications of breakdowns and downtime. That’s why we have a "Spares" program. Based on our fully detailed engineered drawings, we maintain a complete database of replacement parts for your tools and our equipment. We also keep exhaustive records of all set-ups, repairs and redesigns. Our extensive inventory of critical spare parts for tools and equipment helps eliminate downtime and delivery delays.
Another key to eliminating failures and advancing quality are our sensor application specialists. These professionals "mistake-proof" tools and dies using digital and analog sensors to detect tooling and part motions, target detection and automatic feature management.

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"It really gets me when one stamper after another says, ‘It just can’t be done.’"
They See A Part. We See Perfection ¬ Precision Stamping & Coining

"Here’s the best we can do, take it or leave it." This is the kind of attitude that leads many customers to Hobson & Motzer, seeking a solution for what other stampers have said is impossible. The fact is, we achieve "the impossible" - creating precision metal stampings - through problem solving skills, engineering know-how, and progressive die expertise that eliminates costly secondary operations.
Our plant is equipped with the latest straight-sided presses which can run over 1,000 strikes per minute and handle quantities from several thousand to several million parts with speed, precision and high quality accuracy. Few alloys are beyond our capabilities; cold coining and problematic forming operations to .0002" tolerances in stainless steel and copper-based alloys are everyday occurrences. We also thrive on a steady diet of jobs stamping thin gauge materials of less than .0001".
For precision and uniformity our presses are equipped with state of the art sensors. Having mastered electronic sensing, our presses and tooling consistently run at maximum speeds. Another feature setting us apart is innovative automation ¬ we run highly sophisticated part removal and handling mechanisms and we are continually refining our efforts to push automation to faster speeds without sacrificing quality. It’s all about the unending search for perfection.
Customer Information:
Hobson & Motzer manufactures precision components for a variety of industries:
• Medical
• Aerospace
• Electronic
• Automotive
• Computer
• Consumer

Zero Tolerance For Failure

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