Freelance Copywriting:Capabilities Brochures

Capabilities brochures are the principle print selling/branding pieces used by businesses and organizations. Many times brochures are thought of as print versions of web sites and vice versa, but writing brochures and web sites requires different approaches, even though they may be communicating the same branding and positioning messages. Gregor & Co. is experienced in both print and web writing, ensuring that the writing is tailored to its media.

Somat Capabilities Brochure Copywriting

Gregor & Co. provided brochure copywriting and branding for Somat, a maker of environmentally sound, money-saving waste disposal systems (including pulpers and composters) for institutional food service operations. 

Siemens Transportation Systems – Capabilities Brochure Copywriting

I wrote this brochure copy positioning Siemens as the big player in the rail transport market offering turnkey solutions to transit systems. 

Real Log Homes Brochure Copywriting

Image copy for Real Log Homes, a Vermont-based log home manufacturer caught the spirit of their positioning line “So nice to come home to.”

Philips Medical Asset Tracking Capabilities Brochure Copywriting

Gregor & Co. did the copywriting for this capabilities brochure for Philips Medical Systems promoting its new asset tracking systems which help hospitals constantly monitor equipment.

Hobson & Motzer - Capabilities Brochure & Positioning Line Copywriting

My brochure copy, built on the positioning line "Zero Tolerance for Failure," focused on the precision capabilities of Hobson & Motzer, a 100-year-old stamping, tooling and die company.

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