CATIC Annual Report Copywriting

Gregor & Co. helped Connecticut Attorney's Title Insurance Company (CATIC) tell its story with style and simplicity in this annual report. This creative concept used Chinese graphics and the sayings of Confucius as parallels to CATIC’s selling points.


CATIC Annual Report


The Chinese Symbol For "Crisis" Is The Combination Of Two Characters: "Danger" And "Opportunity."
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Those Who Fear Change Fear The Embrace Of Opportunity
Winston Churchill was fond of noting that the Chinese symbol for "crisis" is the combination of two characters "danger" and "opportunity." Sir Winston and the Chinese must have been thinking of the Title Insurance business.
CATIC assumes the role of a guide to help you through all the challenges your business confronts. Whether it be navigating through legislation, advising you on the latest technology, or advising you on management and marketing, CATIC is there providing answers to facilitate successful change.
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The Spring Rain Nurtures All Plants Equally
Through established relationships with lenders and attorneys CATIC has the power to create a successful environment for all the players. We can build on each other’s strengths rather than compete.
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A Journey Is Only As Dangerous As Its Guide Is Unskilled
CATIC is a trusted source of information by legislators; an honest broker among conflicting interests. Look to CATIC for clear interpretation of current legislation and in-depth analysis of the impact of legislation.
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Knowledge, More Easily Than Power, Conquers Kingdoms
CATIC is a source for the latest technological advances. Through the creation of Vested Technologies, Inc., CATIC is actively working to manage, support and implement the demanding technological needs of the marketplace.
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The Goose Will Find The Autumn Sojourn Perilous Only If He Flies Alone
Through associations with other national and regional insurers CATIC has achieved the national and regional reach to serve clients in markets beyond Connecticut and New England.

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