30 Years of Stories

Many copywriters like writing more than just headlines and web content. So here are some short stories and reflections for your perusal.  Some of them I wrote about memorable events in my advertising travels, others cover happenings in the broader world. Hope you like them.

Things I Learned In Italy

They say traveling is highly educational, here are some important lessons I learned in Italy.

Jack's Gift

Our dog Jack was a people person. I say person because at age 8 he suddenly and unilaterally no longer considered himself a dog. No more sitting for a cookie, no giving a paw or staying off the rug.

Target Marketing With Green Berets

A copywriting project for a company that makes ballistic shields for law enforcement and military applications led me on a strange mission.

The Hamm’s Bear: A Branding Parable

Long before the annoying convention of adding “ing” to nouns like “brand,” I worked at an agency that advertised for Hamm’s, a regional midwestern beer brand “from the land of sky blue waters.”

Just Lucky To Be Out Here

A burly, weathered figure shuffled closer, clutching and balancing a load of rods, bait buckets, and oars with practiced ease. Viewing him, crimson-faced sightseers cracked condescending smirks.

Ghost Writer

Doing research for a Nichols College view book, I visited the school for a few days and was offered a room in a campus guesthouse.

Season Finale

My father and I took a bus from Springfield to Yankee Stadium for the last home game of the season.

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