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My name is Chris Gregor, I have over 30 years of copywriting experience (20 of those years as a freelance copywriter). I’ve seen a lot in the world of marketing and advertising and have a copywriting track record to prove it. Hire me for your B2B, health care, higher education and consumer copywriting and you get experience - not experiments.

Let me help you solve your marketing and advertising problems with focused copywriting and a fresh approach that sells in media old and new.

I have written copy for hundreds of products and services from a urology practice and candy bar brands to industrial saws and college admissions. I’ve got lots of stories, like the time I accompanied former Green Berets to a live firing exercise to test a bullet-proof shield (the shield worked). And while I’ve been around, I’m still energized by each new challenge because I find each assignment is unique.

Why not let my experiences and abilities be your guide? 

How You’ll Benefit From Working With Gregor & Co. for Freelance Copywriting

  1. Experience. 30 years, thousands of copywriting assignments in an array of market segments, even some nice awards (New York Art Directors Club, New England Broadcasting, Ad Club of Connecticut, BPAA).
  2. You Get The Right Freelance Copywriter For the Job. Copywriting isn’t like writing reports, business plans and proposals.
  3. A Fresh Perspective. Sometimes you get too close to a product or service.
  4. Optimize Your Strengths. I do the copywriting. So you can do what you do best.
  5. Strategic Focus. More than a word smith, high-level creative thinking and a focus on the big branding/marketing picture.
  6. Deadlines Will Be Met. Ask my freelance copywriting clients.
  7. Easy To Work With. Ask them again.
  8. Creative Collaboration. I strive to optimize my copywriting work through collaboration with your team of professionals; strong communications result from joining forces.
  9. Cost Efficiency. I stay within your budget and price my freelance copy work fairly.

Gregor & Co. Freelance Copywriting Services/Capabilities:

  • Branding/Positioning Lines/Naming
  • Ads/Campaigns
  • Brochures/Viewbooks/Search Pieces
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Video
  • Newsletters
  • Web Site Content
  • Copy Editing
  • Feature Stories
  • Point of Sale/Posters/Outdoor
  • Press Releases
  • Annual Reports
  • Instructional Manuals/Video
  • Sales Promotion Materials
  • Trade Show Messaging

“One of the aspects I like about working with Chris is his use of the Gregor & Co. Creative Worksheet which focuses all of our minds before the copywriting begins. With the Creative Worksheet as a roadmap, everyone begins on the same page and the foundation of strong work is built. The results have been excellent. The final product is not only creative but also a targeted and effective piece of the overall marketing and brand strategy.’"

Charlene Goff, President, Edgewater Marketing, Hingham, MA

See samples of my freelance copywriting work

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